The infinite art of colour

"The colour palette is closely linked to our native Denmark," says Bess Nielsen, who with designer Jan Machenhauer co-founded Epice Paris. "Here, the colours vibrate in a unique way, most likely because of our heavy skies and long, dark winters," she continues. These subtle shades then draw their inspiration from the works of Michael Peter Ancher and from the streets of Copenhagen - where the use of colour seems to be both a balance and an important source of energy.

When Scandinavian rigor meets Indian poetry

In essence, Epice Paris is the infinite art of colour. All in tones as vibrant as they are delicate. These unique hues are created in the Copenhagen design studio in collaboration with Nina Hart. A true master of colour, each season she creates and paints Epice’s new palette in watercolours. Once settled, the colours are then realized by our craftsmen in India, thanks to a know-how that is as expert as it is intuitive; the pastes start out brown, but then take on their true colours after treatment.

Universe of contrasts

This universe of contrasts offers key elements that evoke the colours of a fantastic garden with a thousand and one bouquets of flowers, the gourmet tones of seasonal and citrus fruits, or repeated geometric lines that are never quite the same when they energetically vibrate with all their vividness. These tones also tell passionate stories of the natural blue of the sky and the deep blue of the sea, the elusive colour of the wind coming from the north, the green of the high grass trodden down in summer, and the penetrating yellow of the sun... Each creation seems to describe a luminous scene with careful attention to detail – like the paintings of the masters.
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