Small Patterns


The starting point for these graphic patterns is the Mehndi, a Hindi word for henna paste and temporary henna tattoos. Among the traditional rituals of Hindu weddings, the mehndi party is a festive, prewedding event designed to prepare the young bride for marital life. A henna artist applies mehndi on the bride’s hands and feet and playfully hides the groom’s initials among elaborate mehndi patterns, symbolizing luck and fertility according to traditions. Our small geometric patterns are based on multiple mehndis tweaked and enhanced. In screen-printing, colors and patterns are arranged in separate blocks on the length of the woven fabric, between the Jacquard borders. Multicolor effects are revealed when the different blocks overlap as the stoles are worn tied around the neck or wrapped over the shoulders. Fine natural fibers, pure Merino Wool, or optimal blends of Merino-Cashmere, Merino-Silk-Cashmere, bring an airy feel to the stoles.
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