SS21 Sommer Hus


Holiday stripe

Holiday Stripe Look

Stole Scandinavian Garden Stole Scandinavian Garden
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Stole Flower of FIFTIES Stole Flower of FIFTIES
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Stole Rangoli Stole Rangoli
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Bucket Hat Flowers of Tine Bucket Hat Flowers of Tine
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Sommer Hus

The summer 2021 collection has been inspired by the atmosphere of the Sommer Hus - Danish summer houses that were originally built on allotments - Read more

The colours of ÉPICE PARIS

"The colour palette is closely linked to our native Denmark," says Bess Nielsen, who with designer Jan Machenhauer co-founded Epice Paris. - Read more

The art of weaving by ÉPICE

Ever since it was established in 1999, Epice has chosen to offer a unique perspective of its design studio in Copenhagen combined with the ancestral know-how of its weavers in India - Read more