Bess Nielsen is Danish, and has lived in Paris for many years. She is a graduate of the Design School of Copenhagen and the Beckmann Design School of Stockholm. Her experiences in the world of fashion and her extensive knowledge of Indian culture make her a leading figure in the textile industry. The disciplined and functional tradition of Scandinavia meets with the sublime and refined tradition of India. The Epice colour palette is closely linked to my native Denmark…where the vibration of colours differs from that encountered in other latitudes, due to the low cloud and the long, dark winters. The characteristic tones of Epice are exact reflections of these shades, which are closely related to the distinctive colour washes of Scandinavia. These shades have a subtle brilliance, which is to be found…in the works of northern artists such as Michael Peter Ancher and Vihelm Hammershøi, and in the streets of a city like Copenhagen, where the citizens give pride of place to colour in their sense of dress, as a sign of both balance and energy.


Jan Machenhauer is Danish, and lives in Copenhagen. As a young graduate of the Design School of Copenhagen, he met Bess Nielsen; together, they collaborated on a number of brands before establishing Epice in 1999.
A passionate design and fashion enthusiast, he has headed the Epice executive style team in Copenhagen since 2006. The brand image is infused with his sense of perfection and his creativity.