The House of ÉPICE Paris

Established in 1999 by the Danish designers Bess Nielsen and Jan Machenhauer, EPICE is a precursory high-end brand of Women and Men scarves.

The identity of the brand lays on its creativity. Each stole is unique and created as a piece of artwork. After carefully deciding the size of the scarves, the thread, the color and the association of the original patterns, each piece is woven and printed by hand in Indian workshops. A meticulous selection of high-quality fabrics made of natural fibers allows to highlight the colorway conceived by a specialist in Denmark.



Bess Nielsen is Danish, and has lived in Paris for many years. She is a graduate of the Design School of Copenhagen and the Beckmann Design School of Stockholm. Her experiences in the world of fashion and her extensive knowledge of Indian culture make her a leading figure in the textile industry. The disciplined and functional tradition of Scandinavia meets with the sublime and refined tradition of India.
The Epice colour palette is closely linked to my native Denmark…where the vibration of colours differs from that encountered in other latitudes, due to the low cloud and the long, dark winters. The characteristic tones of Epice are exact reflections of these shades, which are closely related to the distinctive colour washes of Scandinavia. These shades have a subtle brilliance, which is to be found…in the works of northern artists such as Michael Peter Ancher and Vihelm Hammershøi, and in the streets of a city like Copenhagen, where the citizens give pride of place to colour in their sense of dress, as a sign of both balance and energy.


Jan Machenhauer is Danish, and lives in Copenhagen. As a young graduate of the Design School of Copenhagen, he met Bess Nielsen; together, they collaborated on a number of brands before establishing Epice in 1999.
A passionate design and fashion enthusiast, he has headed the Epice executive style team in Copenhagen since 2006. The brand image is infused with his sense of perfection and his creativity.


School of Design 1980-86. Art work 1987-2005 Various exhibitions 1987- 2002 Textile Design for Inwear/Matinique 1986-90 Textile Design for Jan Machenhauer 1987-93 Textile Design for Georg Jensen, Royal Scandinavia 1993-2000 Scarves and Postcard for Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek 2000-2001 Various embellishment projects 2001-07 Color design for Épice 2005-….. Various grants and scholarships 1991 – 2002, amongst others: Nordic Award in Textiles 2002.


Iben Brøndum graduated from The Danish Design School, Copenhagen in 1984.She has worked as an independent textile artist and designer for 34 years in her studio at Roskilde Gasværk (a former gasworks converted to house artist`s studios). In that setting, she began as a regular freelance designer for EPICE in 2002. Inspiration for her patterns comes from travel, museum collections, book illustrations, and, more broadly, an affection for different types of craftsmanship, an enjoyment of nature together with working by means of different methods to create patterns with interesting forms of expression.
Parfois, c'est une idée unique qui est le point de départ - par exemple, des collections d'enfance d'albums ou de timbres - qui mènent à des créations réussies. À chaque saison, les motifs, petits et plus audacieux sont inspirés par des thèmes avec lesquels nous, membres du groupe de design EPICE, choisissons de travailler.