Collection A/W 2020-21

The Épice winter 2020 collection is dedicated to India’s arts and craft traditions. We wanted to pay tribute to our Indian partners - with whom we have been working for more than 20 years and who are true specialists in the art of handcrafted textiles - by honouring their country’s artistic tradition and know-how. We were keen to choose themes from among India’s immense artistic and artisanal treasures that would connect India and Denmark, combining tradition and modernity. Among these are the stripes found on Tibetan aprons, the colourful checked Lungi which are large pieces of fabric worn by men around the waist in southern India, and the two traditional weaving techniques Jamdani and Ikat. Next Mendhi - a henna tattoo traditionally applied to women's hands and feet - provides the inspiration for small graphic designs; and finally floral India, which was captured and reinterpreted by the Danish artist Thomas Winkler. The patterns reworked by ÉPICE's Danish designers are a fusion of two diametrically opposed artistic styles, and are ultimately a very personal interpretation of the various themes.

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