Founded in 1999 by Danish designers Bess Nielsen and Jan Machenhauer, ÉPICE is a pioneering brand of high-end stoles for men and women. The brand's universe is imbued with a sense of perfection and creativity. Each stole is unique and designed like a piece of art.
 After careful consideration of the size of the stole, the yarn, the colour and the combination of original motifs, the pieces are woven and printed by hand in the workshops in India. The rigorous selection of high-quality fabrics and exclusively natural fibres enhances the richness of the colours created in Denmark. ÉPICE offers a Nordic vision of colour, as long as it's vibrant, dotted with a myriad of prints. The tones that characterise Épice are the exact reflection of these shades, which are close to the washes that are so characteristic of Scandinavia. Shades of subtle brilliance that can be found in the work of northern artists such as Michael Peter Ancher and Vihelm Hammershøi, as well as in the streets of a city like Copenhagen, where people favour colour in their clothing as a sign of balance and energy.

Hailing from Copenhagen, the two creative minds behind ÉPICE, Bess Nielsen and Jan Machenhauer, have mastered the balance between the seductive and the functional. Their aesthetic inspiration is deeply rooted in Copenhagen's long winters and light summer nights. Paris, being the capital of fashion and culture, is no less the ideal place for ÉPICE to have its home. Now we need to contrast these two places. That means the intense heat and abundance of India. The majority of ÉPICE's products are made there. A close collaboration with the most qualified weavers with ancestral practices and know-how. ÉPICE's uniqueness comes from the fusion of these three different approaches to design, demonstrating a desire to strike a balance between the modern and the ancient.

A Way of Seeing the World

After 20 years in business, ÉPICE has become a shining example of how to approach the world with enthusiasm and curiosity. Les accessoires de la marque ne sont pas de simples ajouts. They are the infrastructure elements that sublimate a complete outfit and add that touch of uniqueness that is so special to ÉPICE.

Freedom, balance and energy

Behind each stole, square or accessory is a unique sense of liberation. This is achieved through the natural movement of the fabric and the constant search for motifs linked to nature and a return to basics. Freedom is a fundamental value defended by the brand and conveyed through its creations.
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