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Discover the collection SPRING / SUMMER 22

The SS22 collection, 2 which is entirely hand-woven, takes a contemplative look at the Scandinavian summer. The multi-coloured patterns conjure up the wild, sunny and restful countryside – or celebrate the joyful atmosphere of the pantomime, which is engraved in the Danish collective memory. The Shuka Maasai check designs – which have their roots in our travel diaries – are a traditional textile from East Africa, which we’ve given a new, expressive, raw and contemporary look. This collection has either textured or openwork weaves thanks to techniques that include "missing pick" (when the weft threads are missing), which are then then screen-printed. It boasts all the virtuosity of the craftsmanship associated with Danish design, which is so perfectionist.

Flowers – hand-painted – paper cut /collage – 1960s

These iconic patterns from Maison Epice take the form of slender, hand-painted summer flowers 4 that celebrate a joie de vivre in touch with nature. Flowers from the Danish countryside - dandelions, poppies, cornflowers, daisies, wild roses, columbines, bindweed and buttercups - are gathered together in soft or intense, harmonious and radiant colour combinations. The arrangements of flower cut-outs 7 are inspired by the art of collage, resulting in an artistic, idealised rendering of garden flowers, like these autumn anemones at the end of the flowering season, which have been enlarged and stylised. The herbarium and cereal flower patterns 8 have been redesigned based on old botanical illustrations that are extremely popular in Denmark.

Harlequin - Stripes

A symphony of small multi-coloured 13 diamonds illustrates all the magic of the Copenhagen Pantomime Theatre 14 . Stoles or scarves in cotton, or silk and cotton, revisit the eternal poetry of the Harlequin dressed in his brightly-coloured costume; geometric designs printed on textured and ethereal weaves come to life with subtle plays of colour, in both gloss and matt.

Maasai Shuka - Checks

These new Maasai check designs have been freely redrafted in a more rustic, artistic style. The lines seem to be drawn with a brush or designed by frottage, a process that lays bare the textures and creates contrasting effects. The linen and cotton weave accentuates the raw style of the pattern; conversely, the very fine and delicate cotton and silk weave creates a subtle contrast between the style and the material.


These essentials are revisited in a palette of tangy or organic colours; the borders are simply woven or with a Jacquard finish. The ethereal weaves, in linen or linen and cotton, highlight the softness of the natural fibres.


The theatrical world of the pantomime is found on the net and linen bags. The coloured stripes vibrate differently depending on the openwork or opaque materials. The collages of flower cut-outs are transposed onto the recyclable polyester net bags. Enlarged anemones are displayed with cheerful colours that catch the eye.